We are having immense experience in designing batching systems that can best fit the various industrial processing requirements of the batching systems. Dpstar’s batching systems are made with high-quality internal and external material by taking discreet efforts for the perfect size and efficient operation. Each of these solutions can be custom-tailored to handle any production capacity desired along with conforming to any intermediate resting periods. These types of systems allow for the utmost in final product consistency while greatly reducing labor. Our extensive experience in the design and implementation of custom automated systems is reflected in the diversity of our projects and services. We continue to expand our abilities and provide in-depth knowledge for a wide range of technologies. We design and manufacture reliable, cost-effective, and flexible process automation solutions, that through the simplicity of design and quality of manufacturing are extendable to support future technology needs. Maintaining product quality is a key issue for many manufacturers when automating batch processes. We are well aware that batch system automation solutions must satisfy special requirements when processing numerous production orders for various products at a single system efficiently and safely.

In many industries, weigh batching is a manual, complex, and time-consuming procedure in which ingredients are weighed individually before being charged to a blender or other process vessel. A significant number of such industries could benefit from the installation of an automated weigh batching system to improve the efficiency of the powder and bulk, or liquid, material handling process. It also increases the process performance, improves product consistency, eliminates product waste, and provides robust production data collection and reporting. Automatic Batching systems can also include blending operations, as well as other process equipment and controls. Batching systems automate the process of weighing and mixing raw materials together to create a final product.

Dpstar supplies the complete batching system for industrial batching plants, including weighing hopper/tank, storage tank, pneumatic conveying equipment, valves & gates apart from other material handling equipment, thus providing a one-stop solution for weighing and batching requirements. Our automated weighing batching system is the ideal solution for the production process that needs the exact weighing of bulk materials for diverse ingredients. Custom-designed solutions boost output and uniformity, eliminate waste, and collect important data on your manufacturing process. More importantly, we eliminate the chances for human-induced errors and standardize the weighing process. We provide batching systems by integrating and controlling the storage, loading, and unloading mechanisms with a programmable logic controller (PLC) and by using a SCADA.  PLC is used for internal storage of instruction for implementing functions logic, sequencing, timing, counting, and arithmetic, to control through digital and analog inputs\outputs modules. SCADA helps to record and store large amounts of data from processes. The total control and monitoring of 5 batching tanks processes ranging from 1.2 Ton to 10 Ton tanks. There are also 11 storage tanks (raw material for solvent production). The whole system is involved in automatic control of batching & production of solvents, monitoring of storage tanks, and control of the filling process from external tankers to storage tanks. Customer production increases productivity by up to 40% with the new system installed.

Items Supplied

  • Flintec Load Cells
  • Fatek PLC
  • ASPIC 3.30 SCADA