Dpstar has an extensive fleet of steam generators providing outputs up to 4.5 mmbtu. Dpstar’s steam generators are an ideal solution for standby or replacement of customers own boiler for onshore and offshore use. They can also support well test, refinery, and decommissioning applications. The steam generators can be coupled to the Dpstar heat exchanger to give a complete heating solution. The units are enclosed in purpose-built containers that house the control system, water, and fuel tanks. A remote emergency shutdown facility is available ensuring instant safe shutdown should methane, propane, and H2S gas or a similar hazard be detected or encountered.


  • Containers built to BS7072 and DNV 2.7-1
  • Compact self-contained design – size of a 20ft shipping container
  • Water, condensate returns and fuel storage tanks mounted within the container
  • Dual water pump (duty and stand-by)
  • Internal spark arrestor
  • Remote emergency shutdown facility
  • Steam package ships with a certified steam hose and fittings package
  • Experienced offshore service technician(s) for operational and maintenance assistance

Item Supplied

  • Immersion Heaters: 1 LOT
  • Thermocouple: 1pcs
  • Control Panel (whole system)
  • High Temperature Pump

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