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Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) sterilization is known as one of the most critical processes in oil extraction. An intelligent FFB sterilization process could utilize FFB at maximum and increase the mill’s capacity and maximize the profit. A system is proposed for continuous sterilization of oil palm fresh fruit bunches based on crushing bunches to facilitate steam penetration into bunches and subsequently heating the bunches using live steam at atmospheric pressure to an extent sufficient to facilitate stripping of the fruits. An attempt is made to evaluate this system using a pilot-scale setup. The process leads to improvements in the design of mills, reduces the number of process operators, lowers the operating and maintenance costs, and simplifies mill operation. Mills using the process can be more easily supervised and automated.

Dpstar designed and built SCADA and PLC systems to control their sterilizer system and pressure-controlled valve system for the whole process. All the important pertaining to the status of equipment and processes can be monitored by the control system using animated process graphic and text displays. Real-time monitoring permits a much more comprehensive and in-depth assessment of equipment and process performance as well as process dynamics than is possible manually. To promote greater automation and to facilitate monitoring and control of the mill from a control room, the plant-wide control system is used to monitor the on/off/trip status of all motors. The system can also monitor the load on all equipment in the mill and provide alarms when the load is abnormally high. By using a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system consisting of a network of personal computers (PCs) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs), the new plant-wide control system provides a cost-effective and comprehensive solution to the automation requirements of palm oil mills. The system enables to manage of the process as a complete system, with control over the inter-relationships of various sub-systems to improve the overall performance. The PLC system comprises one unit main control panel complete with a master programmable logic controller and remote control panels complete with remote PLCs and touch-screen color graphic user interfaces as sub-systems to enable the field operators to execute some of the monitoring and control functions without having to communicate with the control room operators.

Items Supplied

  • PLC
  • Touch Screen
  • Installation and Commissioning