Dpstar is a Malaysia-based company that expert in the control and automation industry. With over 30 years of experience in the automation industry, we diversified our automation profession in various fields of industry. We are specialists in process automation, data solutions, and information technology and one of the leading engineering companies in our sector. We provide high-quality automation and control systems to improve the productivity of our customer’s manufacturing and product handling processes. Dpstar offers automation and control systems for plants that improve monitoring and control of the operations and increase efficiency at a lower cost.  Dpstar can provide customized automation and control systems solutions. We are able to select the best hardware, software, and equipment solutions suited to your specific requirements. From preliminary design to ongoing support, we can implement a system that caters to your needs. We offer design engineering, programming, information technology, electrical construction, system documentation, commissioning, training, and after‐market support. 

The biogas plant has four main processes starting from the collection and mixing of organic waste, digestion, gas collection, and gas distribution. In order to operate biogas plants at optimum levels without interruption, the implementation of automation will be essential to overcome the challenges faced in conventional biogas plants. Our customer’s purpose is to centrally manage and monitor all steps of the biogas creation method. Our main aim for the Biogas Plant is to control and monitor the various parameters in the plant like temperature, motor, pump, level, heater, buzzer, etc. Each of these parameters needs to be optimally managed to achieve greater efficiency. 

Our engineering team has successfully commissioned and delivered Automation Projects for Sukaraja Biogas Plant. Dpstar’s extensive experience and professional engineers in installing PLC and SCADA help biogas plants be more efficient. We supply PLC & SCADA system, Instrumentation & Electrical Site Wiring for the whole Sukaraja Biogas Plant in Bandar Lampung District, Sumatera, Indonesia. The project uses the Covered Lagoon System to generate biogas, with Bio-scrubber control for H2S Removal & generation of electricity from a 1 MW Gas Generator. The Project was managed by SPIIRE, a renowned New Zealand Project Consultancy Firm. Parameters such as production data, data logging, shut down controls, and alarms at their factory are configured and displayed in SCADA. That makes clients happy because this system allows operators to easily control and monitor power plants by the SCADA system. The performance of biogas power plants can be improved through the collection of various types of data including flow rates, pressures, and motor performance data as well as the amount of methane produced. By continuously checking these parameters, operators can monitor and control the fermentation process to maintain biogas quality keep optimal. 

Items Supplied 

  • Allen Bradley PLC 
  • Wonderware InTouch SCADA 
  • Instrumentation & Electrical Site Wiring