Heat Tracing Specialist Since The 90s. Great job to the team for commissioning a project at Malaysia’s largest food manufacturer Nestle in an ATEX hazardous zone area using electrical heat tracing, electrical heaters, and temperature control instruments.

Dpstar is specialised in Electric Heat Tracing, custom-manufacturing Electric Heating Elements and Temperature Sensors. Heating cables are commonly known as heat trace cables and can be used for a variety of purposes. The use of heat trace cable replaces the heat lost, maintaining the desired temperature through the application of the required wattage. Whether you are putting together new heating, replacing, or upgrading an existing heating system, Dpstar can design and commission thermal engineered projects. The right Heat tracing cables and sensors can allow the company to comply with food safety standards and guarantee product quality.


To heat and maintain the temperature of soy lecithin at a range of 45°C to 50°C in the newly installed storage tanks and also during transfer from one tank to another along the supply and return piping lines.

Items Supplied

  1. Bobbin Heater
  2. Self-regulating Heat Trace Cable
  3. Thermostats
  4. Termination Connection Kit
  5. Installation and Commissioning

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