Dpstar specializes in designing and manufacturing process heating systems and equipment for application in a wide range of industries that include Oil and Gas (onshore, offshore, and marine), Petrochemical, Refinery, etc. Whether you need a direct heater or an indirect heater, we can manufacture custom-engineered or industrial standard products based on your process requirements. We have been supporting our customers with process heaters that are safe and suitable for different types of applications in both hazardous and non-hazardous environments. You can count on us as your one-stop provider for optimum and cost-effective thermal and process heating solutions. At Dpstar, our people are highly trained and skillful in their respective fields. We have a significant level of passion and dedication in working together to deliver quality and compliant process heating products and services to all our customers worldwide.

A calorifier is stationary water heater that supplies hot water for showers, washing and other various utilities to the offshore living quarters. Good and safe drinking water is essential on-board offshore platform or rig. It is crucial to maintain the temperature at a specific range in the hot water system. A minimum temperature is required to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria whereas a maximum temperature is vital to avoid scalding and to enable energy savings. Incidents like exploding or bursting tanks, damage to property, and injury of persons due to a hazardous level of pressure and temperature are increasing because of quality and safety issues. At Dpstar, safety is our top priority. We always carefully conduct materials selection to manufacture quality and safe products that can withstand high water temperature and pressure. We ensure that not only do we deliver a cost-effective system, but also a safe operation through the life cycle.

Dpstar provides complete turnkey systems that enable quick and efficient installation and start-up along with safe and reliable operation through the entire life cycle of the vessel/rig. We have engineered a comprehensive range of standard design hazardous area heaters and temperature controllers that have been carefully analyzed and manufactured for optimum heating performance. We successfully design and supply explosion-proof heaters and explosion-proof panels for control and monitoring of heating up water for off-shore rig usage. We have developed a controller and heat recovery unit to complement our established hot water range. The controller continuously measures the hot water demand and the available heat from the heat source. When demand is sensed, the primary heat source is monitored to make maximum use of the heat before engaging the modulating electric boilers. If the primary heat source is not usable at that time, then the secondary electric boilers are seamlessly engaged to ensure the hot water demand is met at all times.

Our product delivers hygienic operations and is suitable for industrial, marine, and offshore hot water heating. With suitable tailor-made advice and the correct installation and adjustment of our heating systems, we help you on your way to optimizing energy management.

Items Supplied

  • EX Heater
  • EX Control Panel
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Installation and commissioning