Temperature control and monitoring is an important parameter in any cement industry. Since cement manufacturing processes involves harsh environments, it is important that the sensors deployed are capable of withstanding strong temperatures.

Dpstar Group is a Malaysian leader in measurement, designs and manufactures industrial temperature measurement and control systems. Thanks to its extensive know-how, Dpstar has become a key partner of the major industries. Keeping as close as possible to the constraints facing cement manufacturers, Dpstar has developed a comprehensive, specific range of temperature sensors which are reliable, rugged, dust-resistant, shockproof and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. We guarantee a long-life span for our sensors by using high-quality materials and experienced teams to make them. We help to reduce your maintenance costs and cut your energy spending.

Temperature management is essential in cement manufacturing to ensure process control and product consistency. As a temperature sensor specialist with experience working within the cement manufacturing industry, we understand how important it is to accurately measure the temperature during the clinker process. We recognise the importance of achieving high sintering temperatures in the cement kiln and the need to ensure process stability through adequate temperature.

At Dpstar, we manufacture and supply a complete range of temperature sensors to be used within all stages of the cement manufacturing process, including the grinding and sintering processes. Our sensors are used within the kilns burning conventional fuel or refuse-derived fuel. These cement manufacturing processes can range from room temperature to 1200°C. From milling through preheating of the meal, heating and cooling of the clinker to storage, our measuring instruments can guarantee safety on your installations and the quality of your production, as well as helping to reduce maintenance costs and energy spending.

Items Supplied

Maltec-T Type K Thermocouple
Protection Tube: Ø21.3mm X 1000mm Length
Connection: Flange 3″ JIS 5K
Enclosure: Big Head C/W PR 5334 transmitter
Temperature Range: 1200°c