Dpstar is a leading supplier of water level monitoring systems. At Dpstar, we provide the most cost-effective and technologically advanced level measurement equipment in use today. We developed a Water Level Monitoring System which monitors water levels in remote sites in rivers, creeks, canals, and roads. The system sends alerts in the event of rising water levels and can do classification such as warning, critical, and high critical. These alerts can be extended to the public via a website or thru SMS/Text alerts. A proven system deployed in Malaysia with remote sites. 

Dpstar’s river level monitoring system is a set of multi-parameter water monitoring sensors and by using SMS alerts. These solutions when implemented in flood-prone zones can be used to supervise the increasing water level in rivers during monsoon and determine the probability of flood to hit nearby areas. The real-time alerting feature of our SMS ALERTS notifies about possible flood risks allowing and to execute emergency plans in the available time. The historical data gathered for a long duration from these systems can also be analyzed via predictive analytics features to create trends associated with floods. This helps emergency relief authorities to tackle disasters like floods better. Dpstar supply control panel, install & commission River Level Monitoring System & Control of Water Gate System. The System uses FATEK PLC & Beijer Touch Screen as the main control system. Any Alarm occurrence will trigger an automatic messaging system to send SMS to the JPS Personnel in charge.

Water level monitoring is hugely beneficial for a wide variety of applications and industries. Dpstar’s products provide accurate and reliable remote water level monitoring used to record surface water or groundwater levels, results can be recorded and notify you immediately if there are rises in water levels.  Any of our products and services can be combined to create a package that’s tailored to your business and your end goals. 

Items Supplied 

  • Beijer Touch Screen 
  • Control panel 
  • Installation & commission