At the forefront of innovation and engineering expertise, Dpstar embarked on a transformative project with a leading Malaysian food ingredient manufacturer, renowned for their specialty in spray-dried products. Confronted with significant challenges in maintaining heating efficiency and ensuring stringent quality control, our client turned to Dpstar, seeking our advanced expertise to enhance and optimize their production processes. This collaboration was more than just a project; it was a synergy of shared visions and technological aspirations. Dpstar’s involvement in this venture went beyond addressing immediate technical challenges; it was a commitment to redefining industry benchmarks and elevating manufacturing standards in the food industry. Our approach combined cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of the client’s unique needs, setting a new precedent for innovation in food processing solutions.

Dpstar successfully revolutionized our client’s manufacturing process with an innovative solution that revolves around the implementation of a cutting-edge weatherproof steam chamber, measuring 1.5m x 1.5m x 6m. The core of our achievement lies in the seamless integration of an advanced heating system within this chamber, optimizing heat transfer and ensuring uniform ingredient heating. Leveraging precision control components, including the Shimaden Temperature Controller, Maltec-T Type K T/C, and Hanyoung Limit Switch, our solution boasts unparalleled temperature control.

Dpstar’s commitment to safety standards, with features like pressure control and emergency shutdown mechanisms, has been a standout element of our success. Our collaborative approach ensured that the final implementation seamlessly aligned with the client’s unique requirements, marking a pivotal achievement in client satisfaction. Thorough testing and validation processes underscored the success of our solution, exceeding specified performance requirements and solidifying Dpstar’s position as a reliable engineering partner.

Items Supplied

  1. Shimaden Temperature Controller: A sophisticated temperature controller designed to precisely regulate and maintain the desired temperature within the weatherproof steam chamber, ensuring optimal heating conditions.
  2. Maltec-T Type K T/C: This Type K thermocouple from Maltec ensures accurate temperature measurements, playing a crucial role in the control and monitoring of the heating process.
  3. Hanyoung Limit Switch: A safety feature that acts as a control interrupt, ensuring operational safety by limiting specific actions or functions within the system.
  4. Control Valve, Pressure Gauge & Ball Valve: These components collectively contribute to pressure management, control, and overall system integrity. The control valve enables regulation, the pressure gauge provides real-time monitoring, and the ball valve ensures efficient fluid control.