Dpstar is a leading provider of industrial temperature and process control solutions for different market sectors.  Combining superior technology with engineering services, project management, and maintenance, Dpstar delivers field proven operational efficiency, safety, quality, and reliability. Dpstar is recognized for high quality performance in monitoring of temperature, humidity, pressure, levels, gasvoltage, current, energy, and water. We provide on-site installation of our systems and perform product training and calibration services. We provide various wireless monitoring solutions to help you to protect your products and industry. With our expertise, we work closely with our customers to provide innovative quality products at competitive prices, to meet the expanding needs of the control industry. 

It is important to monitor the temperature in the kiln during the entire operation to keep optimal performance, minimize downtime, ensure the safety and durability of the kiln-shell, and to optimize its efficiency. The temperature control system is the core of the whole kiln control system. In order to improve a wide range of temperature control accuracy, Dpstar monitors 4 sets of Kiln Temperature & Control of 16 sets of temperature controllers using Omron PLC, Omron temperature controllers, Cimon SCADA & Cimon touch screens. All data from 4 different Kilns are sent via wireless using Ethernet Hubs to the main SCADA System. All data also transmitted to 32” LCD TV for overall monitoring at the site.

The main objective of the kiln operation is to maintain the process controlled, in addition to a stable quality of clinker, and to reduce energy consumption since heating or cooling requires maneuvers to recover the desired state with production reductions and increases in energy consumption. The excellent level of control is achieved with our temperature monitoring systems. We deliver on customer requirements as well as provide complete peace of mind. 

Item Supplied 

  • Omron PLC 
  • Omron temperature controllers 
  • Cimon SCADA 
  • Cimon touch screens 
  • 32” LCD TV