The wood drying process is a vital component of sawmill operations, crucial for achieving high-quality and defect-free wood products. Our client faced obstacles in effectively managing their wood drying processes. Manual monitoring and limited visibility into crucial parameters led to inconsistencies and increased the risk of errors. Real-time control and data analysis were lacking, making it difficult to detect and rectify deviations promptly. They sought a solution to enhance drying process control and ensure consistent quality. With our extensive experience and deep understanding of industrial automation and control systems, Dpstar was well-equipped to provide a tailored solution for our client’s wood drying process. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians combined their expertise with cutting-edge technologies to develop a robust monitoring system that met our client’s specific requirements. Our commitment to delivering innovative and effective solutions has positioned us as a trusted partner in the sawmill industry.

The objective of our wood drying process monitoring system project was to provide our client with a comprehensive solution that addressed their wood drying challenges. The system was designed to implement real-time monitoring capabilities, enabling operators to promptly detect deviations and ensure consistent drying conditions. Additionally, our solution was tailored to deliver precise control and comprehensive data logging, enabling informed decision-making and facilitating necessary adjustments. Our ultimate goal was to optimize efficiency, enhance product quality, and improve overall control within our client’s wood drying operations, leading to increased productivity and superior output.

  • Enable Data-Driven Decision-Making: Provide comprehensive data logging and analysis capabilities to enable informed decision making and proactive adjustments.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Develop a user-friendly interface that enables operators to easily manage and monitor the wood drying process.
  • Facilitate Remote Monitoring and Control: Implement functionalities that allow remote monitoring and control of the wood drying process, providing operational flexibility and accessibility.

Dpstar successfully provided a comprehensive solution for our client’s wood drying process monitoring needs, utilizing advanced technologies to revolutionize their operations. The core of our solution involved the implementation of FATEK Programmable Controllers and ASPIC SCADA Software, which played a crucial role in enabling real-time monitoring, precise control, and efficient data logging. The FATEK Programmable Controllers formed the backbone of the system, serving as the central control unit that managed and coordinated the wood drying process. These controllers seamlessly integrated with the ASPIC SCADA Software, which provided a user-friendly interface for operators to monitor and control the drying parameters. Through the ASPIC SCADA Software, operators gained real-time visibility into crucial parameters such as temperature, humidity, airflow, and status indicators. This allowed them to promptly detect and address deviations, ensuring consistent and optimal drying conditions. The system also featured comprehensive data logging capabilities, enabled by the ASPIC SCADA Software, which captured and stored relevant data for analysis and performance evaluation. This data-driven approach empowered our client to make informed decisions and optimize their wood drying processes for enhanced efficiency and quality. Furthermore, the solution facilitated remote monitoring and control, allowing operators to access and manage the system from remote locations, enhancing flexibility and convenience.

Items Supplied

  • FATEK Programmable Controllers
  • ASPIC SCADA Software
  • Control panels
  • Sensors
  • Communication modules
  • Cables and connectors
  • Installation & Commissioning