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Biodiesel Production Processes

Preheating biodiesel comes with its own specific challenges. Biodiesel has greater caustic characteristics than traditional fuel sources. Biodiesel is created through chemical reactions between lipids from vegetables or animal fats and alcohol. The pressurized liquid needs to be kept circulating with a consistent temperature. This maintains the appropriate viscosity. Below is the major application of biodiesel processes: 

Fatty Acid & Feedstock Storage Tank Heating 

Unitary immersion and suction heaters are used to maintain the feedstock materials at elevated temperature prior to being used in production. Sizes range from 5 to 500 kW, with integral control systems. 

Blending and Mixing 

Circulation and immersion heaters are used to maintain processing temperatures during the blending and mixing of multiple feedstocks to create the correct formula prior to creating biodiesel fuel. 

Process Lines 

Electric heat trace is used for pipe temperature maintenance and freeze protection of process lines. Self-regulating cable and control systems are used for general-purpose and hazardous locations. Mineral-Insulated and constant wattage cables are also available. 

Warm Water Wash 

Circulation heaters are used for preheating the process water used in the washing/purifying of biodiesel fuel. 

Personnel Warmth & Equipment Freeze Protection 

Radiant heaters, portable heaters, heavy-duty forced-air heaters, and general-purpose blower-heaters provide comfort heat for work stations and large employee areas as well as freeze protection of parts and equipment. 

B100 Storage Tanks 

Unitary and standard immersion heaters can be used to maintain the B100 holding tanks at the typical 70° to 80°F temperature to prevent solidification. Steel and stainless steel materials can be used as needed. 

Diesel Fuel Storage 

When blending is done on-site, tank heaters are used to freeze-protect the diesel and blend tanks. 

Glycerin Storage Tanks 

Unitary and standard immersion heaters are used to maintain the glycerin byproduct storage tanks at the necessary 120° to 130°F temperature to prevent solidification. Steel and stainless steel materials can be used as needed depending on the type of glycerin being stored (crude or pure). 


Circulation and immersion heaters are used to preheat the blended oils to drive off any moisture that may have accumulated in the system. This prevents the formation of soaps during the transesterification process. 

Distribution Lines 

Electric heat trace is used for pipe temperature maintenance and freeze protection of distribution lines that load the finished products onto transportation. 

Rail Car Heating 

Steam boilers can be used to heat railroad tank cars up to transportation temperature, typically 120ºF, when filling the car with biodiesel fuel prior to shipment. 

Alcohol Recovery 

In certain processes, circulation heaters are used in the separation and recovery of methanol and water from biodiesel fuel. 


Circulation and immersion heaters are used to accelerate the chemical reaction during the transesterification process, typically at temperatures of 150° to 160°F. 


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