Around the globe, Dpstar brings a level of process heating engineering experience, site service acumen and superior products that you won’t find anywhere else.

Over the past 30 years, our application experts and design engineers have solved more process heating challenges and created more unique, customized solutions than anyone. We excel at bringing our vast array of products and solutions to your most difficult heating problems and developing the most cost-effective design to keep your revenue-generating processes on line.

No matter how extreme, corrosive, or hazardous your process and environmental conditions are, count on Dpstar to package our advanced thermal technologies, and innovative products and services to meet your specifications. That’s what Process Heating Solutions is all about.

Process heating systems provide the heat energy required for various manufacturing operations, such as heating, melting, curing, and drying. They generate this energy using one of four technologies: fuel-based, electricity-based, heat transfer media (steam, hot water, thermal fluid), and hybrid. All four technologies can transfer heat energy to the material directly or indirectly, depending on the design and configuration of the system. Direct process heating systems transfer the heat energy to the material itself, while indirect process heating systems utilize one or a combination of three thermal transfer mechanisms (conduction, convection, and radiative) to transfer the heat energy from the source to the material.

Advantages of Our Process Heating Solutions

When a process heating system is well-designed and properly matched to an application, it can provide the following benefits:

  • Cost-effective operation
    The right process heating system can optimize heat generation and transfer operations in the application, resulting in lower energy utilization, better processing efficiency, and/or higher product/process quality, all of which can reduce operating costs over time.
  • Fast and easy installation
    Well-designed process heating solutions effectively integrate heating and control systems into a single, all-inclusive unit. By partnering with a qualified and experienced process heating system provider, equipment can be designed according to the needs of the space and assembled for quick, trouble-free installation at the site.
  • Single point of control
    Process heating systems with integrated temperature sensors, remote controls, and other advanced instrumentation allow for enhanced management over system operation.

Process Heating Systems Applications

Just about everywhere you can imagine an application for process heating, you’ll find a Dpstar’s solution. Electric process heating systems are an effective direct heating method for flowing liquids, air, and gases in various industrial and process heating applications.

  • In the automotive industry
    Parts cleaning and coating systems and paint drying lines
  • In the food processing industry
    Process ovens for bakeries and process cooking and water heating equipment for meat processors and other food manufacturers
  • In the metallurgical industry
    Heat treating and burn-off ovens and thermal oxidizers

Some of the other industries that benefit from process heating systems include:

  • Agriculture
  • Appliances
  • Computer Chip Manufacturing
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Paint/Coating
  • Paper
  • Ship Building
  • Textiles

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