3-Phase Capillary Thermostat – Rainbow TNTS-320-M12


  • Only for a high ampere, suitable as a high ampere electric heater.
  • Both stainless steel and copper are available for bulb and capillary.
  • Heavy-duty frame.
  • Strong withstand against ambient circumstance.
  • Temperature range: 50℃~320℃
  • Power rating: 30A/250VAC
  • Switch circuit: Triple Pole Single Throw(TPST)
  • Be able to connect directly without using an extra magnet switch or relay.

Dpstar has been supplying a variety of thermometers and thermostat-related products for over 30 years. We strive to upgrade the quality of our products through continuous research and development.


TNTS-320-M12 is designed to be a suitable high electric capacity machine such as commercial cooking and heating appliances. Cutting it off by triple pole at a time is featured.



  • Commercial heating appliance, cooking appliance.
  • Suitable for the high electric capacity appliances.



Model TNTS-320-M12
Temperature Range 50℃ to 320℃
Electric Rating 32A/250VAC
Material Stainless Steel or Copper
Capillary Length:  900mm
Switch Circuit TPST
Bulb 4Ø X 129


Rainbow TNTS-320-M12 3-Phase Capillary Thermostat_DpstarGroup


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