Three Phase Power Regulator – Shimaden PAC30Z Series


  • Easy Wiring With 2-Phase Control
  • Low-Noise Design
  • Wide Capacity Selection (18~135A)
  • Alarm Output Standard Feature

PAC30Z Series is power regulator with a negligible warp in output waveform and extremely little noise. Since it is a 2-phase control, connection wiring is simple. Since it is an integral structure, installation work is simple. We have 9 types of rated current from 18 A to 300 A. An alarm output and a protective circuit are standard features. You can select a cover for prevention against electric shock.


Control input 4~20mA DC and contact common
Current capacity 18A, 20A, 30A, 45A, 60A, 90A or 135A
Power Supply 200~220V, 220~240V, 380~400V or 400~440V AC
Control Mode 2-phase type zero voltage switching
Control Cycle 2~4 sec. adjustable
Possible Load Constant resistance loads
Power Control Range 0~95% min
Output indication Green LED
Power Adjuster Internal installation as standard (External installation available as option)
Over-Current Protection
Circuit protection 20A, 30A, 45A / 200~240V AC, 18A / 380~440V AC
Rapid fuse type 60A, 90A, 135A / 200~440V AC, 35A, 45A / 380~440V AC
Alarm Output Output terminals ‘ON’ during over-current
Alarm Output Contact Capacity 250V AC 1A / inductive load
Cooling Method By natural air (18A~90A), fan cooling (135A)
Operating Ambient Temperature Range -10~+50°C
Operating Ambient Humidity 90% RH max.
Insulation Resistance 500V DC 20MΩ min. between power supply terminals and chassis
500V DC 20MΩ min. between power supply terminals and input terminals
Dielectric Strength
200~240V AC type 1 min. at 2000V AC between power supply terminals and chassis
380~440V AC type 1 min. at 2500V AC between power supply terminals and chassis
External Dimensions See diagram on pages143
Weight 18~45A type: Approx. 5.3kg
60~135A type: Approx. 12.0kg

Ordering Information

SERIES PAC30Z Zero Voltage Switching (3-Phase)
Control Input 5 4~20mA DC or contact signal
9 Others (Please consult bofore ordering.)
Current Capacity Capacity 200~220V 220~240V 380~400V 400~440V
018 18A 11.8kVA 12.5kVA
020 20A 7kVA 7.7kVA
030 30A 10kVA 11kVA 19kVA 20kVA
045 45A 15kVA 16.5kVA 29kVA 30kVA
060 60A 20kVA 22kVA 39kVA 40kVA
090 90A 30kVA 33kVA 59kVA 60kVA
135 135A 45kVA 49.5kVA 88kVA 90kVA
200 200A 70kVA 77kVA 133kVA 140kVA
300 300A 100kVA 110kVA 190kVA 200kVA
999 Others (Please consult bofore ordering.)
Power Supply 15- 200 ~ 220V AC ±10% 50/60Hz
16- 220 ~ 240V AC ±10% 50/60Hz
17- 380 ~ 400V AC ±10% 50/60Hz
18- 400 ~ 440V AC ±10% 50/60Hz
99- Others (Please consult bofore ordering.)
Prevention Cover For Electrical Shock (Option) 1 With
0 Without
External Power Adjuster (Option) 0 None (Internal standard)
3 With (B10k Ohm)
9 Others (Please consult bofore ordering.)
Control Indicator (Option) 0 Without
1 With (0~ 1mA DC, 0~ 10% scale)
REMAKRS 0 Without
9 With (Please consult before ordering.)


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