TTK FG-ACS Acid Sense Cables


  • Compatible with Digital & Analog Systems
  • Detects Acid & Corrosive Chemical Liquids
  • Pre-connected in Standard Lengths

TTK FG-ACS sense cable has a spliced junction with a length of 3.5 metres of jumper cable and an end termination. It detects the presence of acid and corrosive chemical liquids at any point along its length. The FG-ACS sense cable is designed to be connected to analog alarms (FG-ALS8, FG-ALS4 & FG-A) or digital units (FG-NET, FG-BBOX & FG-SYS, via diversion box FG-DTCS). It detects and locates the leak when connected with locating units.


Compatibility Locating units: FG-SYS, FG-NET, FG-BBOX (via Diversion Box: FG-DTCS),
Non-locating unit: FG-A
Maximum Temperature Exposure 85°C
Weight 25g per metre
Sense Cable Diameter 7.5 mm with PVDF jacket
Liquid Quantity To Active Alarm 50-100mm on the sense cable
FG-ACS Colour Green

Identification Codes

FG-ACS15 Sector acid sense cable in 15m length
FG-ACS7 Sector acid sense cable in 7m length
FG-ACS3 Sector acid sense cable in 3m length
FG-DTCS Addressable box
CF-EC100 100 hold-down clips with cold adhesive glue
ES-EC 40 signal tags


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