Adjustable Angle Roller Surface Temperature Probe – Maltec-T ST-35C


  • K type
  • Adjustable Angle 180
  • Temperature: 350°C
  • With miniature connector
  • Stainless Steel Wheel
  • Fast response time
  • PU coil cable (yellow colour)
  • (Straight cable length can be ordered as your request)
  • Easy to measure the flat surface temperature of moving objects.
  • Can be used with. Center thermometer (Model: 307/308)

Dpstar Group is a leading supplier of handheld test instruments since the ’90s. We offer a wide range of industrial testing meters and environmental monitoring instruments. These include digital multimeter, clamp meters, insulation testers, thermocouple/infrared/RTD thermometers, sound level meters, light meters, and gas leakage detectors. Our goal is to continuously provide the customers not only more innovative, higher accuracy, and better quality products, but also excellent customer services and supports.

The roller wheel temperature measuring probe is suitable for measuring smooth, rotating or moving objects flat surfaces, such as smooth plastic, steel pipes, PC boards, textiles and conveyor belts.



Thermocouple Type Using Temperature Accuracy Standard Length of Coil Wire
K 350°C/662°F 0.75 Class Extensible from 0.7 to 1.8 meters


Maltec-T ST-35C Adjustable Angle Roller Surface Temperature Probe_DpstarGroup