Advanced Commercial Dehumidifier – ecostar ecoPD60-SSM / ecoPD80-SSM


  • Strong dehumidifying.
  • Innovative and fashionable design.
  • Intelligent humidity control and easy operation.
  • Rechi compressor with longer life.
  • High and low fan speed option, low noise operation.
  • ON/OFF timer setting.
  • Upper air outlet for easily drying the clothes.
  • Continuous drain option.
  • Washable filter.
  • Automatic defrost function.
  • Tank full indicator and auto shut off.
  • Integral carry handle and easy glide castor wheels.

Dpstar is a leading supplier of industrial dehumidifiers in Malaysia. We set the standard with regards to energy-efficient, hygienic solutions that incorporate innovative features to deliver high performance and minimise maintenance. We offer dehumidifier system advice, supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance support.

ECOPD60-SSM / ECOPD80-SSM is 30% more energy-saving than a traditional industrial dehumidifier. The precise humidity sensor automatically detects the humidity in the entire space. When the set humidity is reached, the compressor motor will automatically shut down, and the humidity sensor will monitor the humidity every 30 minutes. Once the humidity is found to rise more than 3% of the set value, it will be turned on again. Otherwise, it will go to sleep.

Multiple Security Protection

  • Compressor Protection
    When Unit Is Switched Off, Compressor Protection Will Be On.
  • Overload Protection
    Intelligent Protection On Compressor Load.
  • Start Protection
    When Reaching The Set Humidity, Fan Stops Rotating.
  • Water Flow Protection
    Stop Running When The Water Is Full. Prevents Water Overflow.
  • Outlet Protection
    The Gap Of The Air Outlet Grille Is Only 4.8mm Don’T Worry About Children Touching By Mistake.
  • Evaporator Frost Protection
    Intelligent Defrost To Maintain The Normal State Of The Dehumidifier.


  • Minimal Noise
    3D Noise reduction technology is used to eliminate the noise generated by compressors, motors, and fans. The principle of dynamics is used to reduce the noise of the different bands.
  • Two Drainage Options
    7 liters large water tank with electromagnetic float stops operation when the water is full. It can be connected to an external water pipe for continuous drainage to avoid frequent emptying.
  • Electronic Control, Easy Operation
    Power / humidity / timer / speed. It can be fully closed when not operating, to prevent dust from entering the machine and prolong its life.
  • Defrost By Two-Way Valve
    The unit does not stop during defrosting. Low-temperature dehumidifying is 50% more effective than ordinary dehumidifiers. While defrosting, it also dehumidifiers, extending the life of the machine.
  • User-Friendly LED Display
    Blue & red, two-color display. The current operating status is clear at one glance.
  • Auto-Defrost
    Starts at low temperature, when the evaporator is frosted. Automatic defrost by Two-way valve, efficiently protect the compressor.
  • Overflow-Protection
    After the water tank is full, the machine will automatically stop and trigger the alarm.
  • Flameproof Electrical Box
    Prevent short circuit and fire, eliminate safety hazards.
  • Power-off Memory
    After power off, turn it on again and it will automatically restore the previous settings.

Special Design

  • Vortex Air Duct Design
    Vortex blade design, three-dimensional jet air volume to absorb moisture, Large area dehumidification, rapid absorption of room humidity.

  • Rechi Compressor
    Provide strong power for excellent dehumidification, smoother operation and lower noise.


  • Warehouse
  • Living Room
  • Control Room
  • Library
  • Garage
  • Basement

It can keep the space below 250m2 dry for a long time to avoid mold, virus/bacteria breeding on wallpaper/floor/ furniture/books; electric appliances/circuits, and sheet metal oxidation, etc.


Model ecoPD60-SSM ecoPD80-SSM
Dehumidifying Capacity (@30deg. C, 80%RH) 40-60 60-80
Power Supply 220-240V/1PH/50hz
Rated Power (W) 950 1125
Rated Current (A) 4.3 4.9
Applicable Temperature 5-38 deg. C
Refrigerant R410A
Water Tank Capacity 6-7 liters
Airflow Rate (CMH) 650 cmh
Machine Dimension 400 x 310 x 645
Net Weight (kg) 25.0 26.0
Gross Weight (kg) 27.0 28.0
Application Area (m2) 30-50 50-80
Noise Level dB (A) 50 50
Packing Dimension 400 x 310 x 695


ecostar ecoPD60-SSM / ecoPD80-SSM – Advanced Commercial Dehumidifier_DpstarGroup


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