AOIP CALYS 1500 Advanced Laboratory Electrical Calibrator / Dual Input Thermometer


  • Innovative and ergonomic design
  • Metal housing for enhanced robustness
  • Capacitive touch panel
  • USB communication
  • Carrying handle
  • Battery and main powered

CALYS 1500 is the top-notch laboratory electrical calibrator in its range, does not only work as a simulator (IN / OUT) but it also operates as a dual channel thermometer (IN / IN). Designed for advanced process maintenance and bench testing across various industries. Suitable for all field and lab measurements, capable of simultaneously measure and generate over two isolated channels various signals of temperature, resistance, process, pressure and frequency in single instrument. AOIP CALYS 150 offers extended functionalities like temperature simulation, scaling, steps, synthesizer, and statistical functions. Users can save and recall up to 10 configurations, enhancing its suitability for routine tasks.

Performance Specification

  • Temperature: Accurate measurement and simulation up to 0.005 % RDG
  • Resistance: Delivers precision up to 0.006 % RDG and 50 KΩ range
  • Current: Offers up to 0.007 % RDG and 100 mA range + Loop Supply 24 V
  • Voltage: Provides up to 0.005 % RDG and 50 V range
  • Frequency: Achieves up to 0.01 % RDG and 100 KHz range
  • Pressure: With an external pressure module (comparison calibration with a pressure pump)

Calibration procedures and DATACAL software

AOIP CALYS 1500 simplifies calibration tasks across the entire process chain. Take this user-friendly instrument to the field all week, with 10 calibration procedures stored. Connect the probes, run the procedure, and save results onsite for quick calibration. Back at the office, upload data to a computer to generate customized calibration certificates using dedicated DATACAL software.

Graphic screen and display resolution

AOIP CALYS 1500 lets users choose the number of digits after the decimal point. This feature is helpful for users who need to display high precision for calibration or prefer limited precision for simpler checks. Its dual display constantly shows the measurement value, the output value, the gauge, and the functions in use. Additionally, it displays the date, time, and external temperature. During measurement, it shows the average, maximum, minimum values, and the number of measurements. For output, it displays details of ramps, steps, and constant value functions. Navigation is made easy with drop-down menus, and online help is available for connecting probes and wires.


Size (L x W x h) 340 x 320 x 160 mm
Weight 4.6 Kg
Display 240 x 320 pixel liquid crystal graphical display with backlite & contrast control Display of result as table of values or trend curve
Power supply 230 V ±10 %, 50/60 Hz
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion Charging time: 3 hours Lifetime: 8 hours
Communication ports USB
Reference range 23°C ±5°C (HR : 45 to 75 % w/o condensing)
Operating reference range -10 to 50°C (HR : 20 to 80 % w/o condensing)
Limit operating range -15 to 55°C (HR : 10 to 80 % w/o condensing) (70% at 55°C)
Storage temperature limits -30°C to +60°C
Maximum height 0 to 2000 m
IP protection IP54 according to EN 60529
Protections • Electronic protection up to 250 V for ‘voltage’ wires
• Fuse protection for ‘current’ wires
• Protection against ‘current’ circuit breaking during inductive resistance measurements
Class In accordance with EN 61010-1
Rated voltage 60 V
Chocks and vibrations EN 61010-1
EMC conformity EN 61326-1, CEM 2004/108/CE


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