Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter With Two Diaphragm Seals – Aplisens APR-2200ALW / APRE-2200 Series


  •  4…20 mA output signal + HART protocol
  • Accuracy 0,1%
  • Intrinsic safety certificate (ATEX, IECEx)
  • Explosion proof certificate (ATEX, IECEx)
  • Fully welded sensor guarantees tightness of oil system for many years
  • Ability to configure measuring range locally

The differential pressure transmitter is applicable to the measurement of pressure differences of: gases, vapors and liquids in cases where it is necessary to use seals and the pressure pulse source points may be several metres apart. Typical applications include the hydrostatic measurement of: levels in closed tanks, densities and phase boundaries, and the measurement of a filter loss, pressure differences between media in pasteurisers etc. The available range of the diaphragm seals allows measurement at great majority of media. The active element is a piezoresistant silicon sensor separated from the medium by a distance sealing system. The special design of the measuring unit means that it can withstand pressure surges and overloads of up to 40 bar. The electronic circuits are enclosed in a casing with a degree of protection IP 65 or IP66.


Metrological parameters
Accuracy ≤ ±0.1% (FSO)
Operating conditions
Operating temperature range (ambient temperature) -25…85°C
APR-2200ALW/Exia and APRE-2200/Exia -25…80°C
APR-2200ALW/Exd -25…75°C


Aplisens APR-2200ALW or APRE-2200 Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter With Two Diaphragm Seals-DpstarGroup