Electropneumatic Positioner – Aplisens APIS Series


  • HART protocol
  • ATEX certificate II 2G Exia IIC T6/T5 Gb
  • Simple in installation and programming
  • Possibility of remote assembling of positioner
  • Low air consumption
  • Position transmitter
  • Programmable speed of movement of the actuator’s piston rod
  • Possibility of manual controlling of position of actuator’s piston rod


Input signal (control) 4…20mA + Hart
Output signal (position transmitter) 4…20mA
Supply of position transmitter 10÷36 VDC (Ex 10÷30 VDC)
Supply pressure 140÷800 kPa
Pneumatic input signal (control actuator)  0…100% of supply pressure
Own air consumption ≤ 0.035 kg/h at supply voltage 140 kPa
≤ 0.015 kg/h at supply voltage 600 kPa
Air mass stream on positioner output ≥ 3.25 kg/h at supply voltage 140 kPa
≥13kg/h at supply voltage 800 kPa
Actuator piston rod displacement range 10÷100 mm (for single-acting linear actuators)
80÷900 mm (for double-acting linear actuators)
0÷180º (for rotational actuators)
Actuator operation characteristics linear
Positioner operation mode normal or reversible
Positioner transducer mode normal or reversible
Additional errors < 0.05% / 100kPa
   – from supply pressure changes 0.15% / 10ºC – for temperature range -30ºC¸+60ºC
   – from ambient temperature changes 0.25% / 10ºC – for temperature range -40ºC¸-30ºC and +60ºC÷+85ºC
   – from vibration in range:
         10…60Hz, amplitude < 0.35 mm
         60….500Hz, acceleration 5g 0.25%
         Hysteresis < 0.4%
         Insensibility threshold < 0.1%
         Protection degree of positioner enclosure IP 65 according to PN-EN 60529:2003
         Operation position any
         Weight 1.8 kg
Operating conditions
Working medium air free of dust, oil, aggressive pollutants, solid particles bigger than 1.5 μm, such relative humidity not lower that dew point’s temperature should not be lower than 10 °C with respect to ambient temperature
(acc. to PN-EN 60654-2:1999).
Ambient temperature
Execution without manometers and with stainless steel manometers: -40ºC¸+85ºC
Executions with manometers in stainless steel
Humidity of ambient air < 95%
Allowable vibrations acc. to PN-EN 60654-3: 1997; class VH6
10…60Hz, amplitude < 0,35 mm
60…500Hz acceleration L


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