Hydrostatic Level Probe – Aplisens PCE-28P Series


  •  Any measuring range from 0…200 to 0…3000 mm H2O
  •  ATEX Intrinsic safety (version PCE-28P only)
  •  Smart version – with Hart protocol (version APC-2000ALW/P only)
  •  Marine certificate – DNV, BV (version PCE-28P only)

Hydrostatic level probes are applicable to measure levels of liquids in open tanks, channels, measuring constrictions of open channels, streams etc.


Accuracy max. +/- 0,25%
Medium temperature range -25 ÷ 80°C
Material of the wetted parts SS316L
Material of casing SS304
Output signal 4 ÷ 20 mA
Power supply 8 ÷ 36 VDC
(Ex 9…28 VDC)


Aplisens PPCE-28P and APC-2000ALW-P Hydrostatic level probe type-DpstarGroup