Aplisens Smart Level Probe For Pressure Tanks APR-2000YALW


  • Tank depth up to 6 m
  •  Accuracy 0.16%
  •  4…20 mA output signal + Hart
  •  Intrinsic safety certificate (ATEX, IECEx)
  •  Explosion proof certificate (ATEX, IECEx)

Principles of operation
Measurement is carried out using an APRE-2000 differential pressure transmitter, enabling compensation for static pressure in the tank. The value processed is just the hydrostatic pressure of the medium measured at the level of the diaphragm of the lower seal. This pressure is the sum of the hydrostatic pressures of the liquid and vapour phases of the medium. In most practical measurement situations the density of the vapour phase is negligibly small, and therefore the measured hydrostatic pressure relates only to the height of the liquid phase column and can be taken as representing the level of the surface of the liquid phase. For media where the density of the vapour phase is significant (e.g. propane) the level found by the method described can be treated as the theoretical level of the liquid level obtained by adding the actual liquid phase to the condensed vapour phase.


Nominal measuring range (FSO) Accuracy for nominal measuring range Minimum set range Accuracy for minimum range
0…6000 mm H2O ±0,16% 600 mm H2O ±0.5%
0…1600 mm H2O ±0,2% 160 mm H2O ±0.6%
Range of medium densities up to 1,1 g/cm (standard version)
over 1,1 g/cm3: special version by arrangement with APLISENS
Error due to ambient temperature changes < ±0,4% of basic range for temperatures of -25…+80°C
Error due to supply voltage changes < ±0,002% of basic range / V
Zero shift error for static pressure 0,08% / 10 bar for range no. 1
0,1% / 10 bar for range no. 2
This error can be eliminated by zeroing the
transmitter in conditions of static pressure


Aplisens APR-2000YALW Smart level probe for pressure tanks type-DpstarGroup