Armoured Individual LK Instrumentation Cable – RE-2X(ST)YSWAY-FL PimF


– Flexible conductor class 5
– Minimum service temperature: -30ºC
– Maximum service temperature: 90ºC
– Maximum short-circuit temperature: 250ºC (max.5 s)
– Minimum bending radius: 10 x cable diameter
– Meter by meter marking
– Flame non-propagation IEC 60332-1
– Flame retardant (Fire non propagation) IEC 60332-3-22 (Cat A)
– UV Resistant



Screened fexible cable for data transmission between industrial equipment. The overall screen and individual (per pair) and overall screen make them especially suitable for their use in high electromagnetic noise environments.


Individual screen Individual polyester (PET) (per pair) composed by on aluminum / polyester tape with
100% coverage + tinned copper drain wire.
Overall Screen Aluminum + polyester (PEPT) tape with 100% coverage + tinned copper drain wire.
Inner Sheath (Bedding) PVC fame retardant – Black color
Armour Galvanized steel wire armour with 0,8 mm of nominal diameter, helilcally placed over the separation sheath.
Outer sheath Flexible PVC fame retardant sheath, black color.
Blue for IS. (upon request)


RE-2X(ST)Y-FL – Non armoured LK Instrumentation Cable-DpstarGroup