TTK FG-DTM Bus Interface Box


  • FG-DTM is designed to be used with all 3 digital control panels of TTK:
    • FG-SYS: digital leak detection and location monitoring panel
    • FG-NET: digital leak detection and location monitoring panel
    • FG-BBOX: satellite device of FG-NET unit
  • FG-DTM is fully compatible with FG-ALS4 and FG-ALS8 panels. More compatibilities will come up with other analog panels.
  • The LED on the lid of the box indicates the box’s status in real time:
    • Green blinking: correct response from the Modbus slave (analog control panel);
    • Red blinking: no response from the Modbus slave (analog control panel).
  • FG-DTM is capable of monitoring up to 60 meters of sense cables on each analog circuit of the FG-ALS8 panel; and up to 45 meters for the FG-ALS4 panel.
  • Up to 10 FG-DTM boxes can be connected on a FG-NET / FG-SYS / FGBBOX circuit.
  • Up to 30 meters of distance of the RS485 line between a FG-DTM box and an analog panel.
  • In the event of loss of the link with the analog control panel, all the activated addresses will transmit a cable break alarm

TTK FG-DTM is a Modbus interface, designed to merge the product line of digital and analog systems. It collects information from analog panels and integrates them into the digital system. Therefore, the digital panel acts as central monitoring unit on which analog panels and all connected sense cables circuits can be supervised. Meanwhile, each analog panel acts as an independent local detection module. In the event of a leak being detected on a local panel, it sounds an alarm, activates local relays, displays the location on the module and simultaneously sends signals to the digital panel, where all circuits are monitored. As a result, alarms are displayed at the same time on both the local panel and central monitoring panel. When the BMS is confi gured, all alarms will also be reported on this.



Compatibility Analog panels: FG-ALS4, FG-ALS8
FG-DTM can be mixed on a digital system along with the following material:
• FG-EC water sense cable
• FG-ECP water point sensor
• FG-AC acid sense cable
• FG-OD sense cables via FG-DOD OD bus interface box
Diversion boxes:
• FG-DTCS addressable box
• FG-DCTL addressable box
• FG-DTC bus diversion box
Enclosure Type • ABS POLYAC 707 (a natural ABS)
• Rated UL94 HB
• Halogen Free
• IP67
Dimensions (W,H,D)  105 x 75 x 55mm