Capillary Thermometer – Rainbow TMRB-040-32B Series


  • Self-locking clips
  • No electric power required
  • Temperature range is -40 ~40 or 0 ~ 120
  • Customized designed printing for temperature marking
  • Capillary diversifies from 500mm to 2000mm
  • Compact and light plastic housing

Dpstar supply a wide range of gauges which can satisfy the application requirements in the following fields, heating, cooling and household appliances, anywhere remote temperature and pressure metering is required. All the gauges have modern and functional aesthetic design, which can be customized upon request and is able to fulfill the most recent design trends.



  • Water dispenser
  • Cold storage room
  • Catering equipment
  • Restaurant equipment


Temperature Range -40°C to 40°C
Net Weight 45g
Capillary / Length Standard 1,000mm
Bulb Material Brass
Accuracy ±3°C


Rainbow TMRB-040-32B Series Capillary Thermometer_Dpstar


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