Ceramic Half Trough Infrared Heating Element – Ceramicx HTE


  • Available Wattage: 125 – 500W
  • Size: 122 x 60 x 34mm
  • Average weight: 105g
  • Iron-chrome aluminium resistance wire
  • Heater Voltage: 230V standard
  • Other Variations: voltages, wattages, lead length and terminations available on request
  • Useful wavelength range: 2-10 microns
  • Average Operating Life: 20,000 hrs depending on conditions
  • Recommended radiation distance from heater is 100 mm to 200 mm.
  • Minimum recommended spacing between elements: 5mm.
  • Supplied with 100mm ceramic beaded power leads

Dpstar supplied energy-efficient, infrared heating elements in-house. Our expertise is centered on producing unrivaled technical products for the application of infrared in any industrial process. Our most ideal, affordable, and efficient range of Ceramic Infrared Heaters provides long-wave infrared radiation which is suitable for industrial applications.

An industry-standard ceramic infrared heater (125 – 500W), our ceramic half trough heater element is designed for long-lasting energy efficiency in industrial, commercial, and domestic applications where a high surface temperature is needed.



The standard range of ceramic infrared elements in stock is used in a wide range of industrial and engineering applications such as thermoforming, packaging, paint curing, printing, drying, gluing, sterilisation, roasting, etc. They are also very effectively used in infrared outdoor heaters and saunas. Most plastics and many other materials absorb infrared best in the wavelength range of 2-10 μm, which makes the ceramic heater the most popular radiant emitter on the market.


Material Ceramic solid body in white glaze colour with an embedded resistance heating coil
Heater Voltage 230 V (standard)
Operating Temperature Max permissible 750°C
Useful wave-length range 2 – 10 μm (microns) long wavelength
Dimensions 122 x 60 x 34 mm
Average weight 105 g
Electric connection 100 mm ceramic beaded power leads
Assembly Recommended radiation distance from heater is
100mm to 200mm. Mounting slot size oval 15×42 mm
Steel wave spring and clip set included
Recommended Spacing 5mm minimum spacing between elements
Average operating life Up to 20 000 hrs depending on conditions
Standards CE, UL-499
Packaging w x h x d 126 x 62 x 44 mm


Ceramicx HTE Ceramic Half Trough Infrared Heating Element_DpstarGroup


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