Chart Papers – Kokusai Chart


  • Ability to Maintain a Drop of Ink Without Blotting Over a Period of Time.
  • Clear and Accurate Recording on Paper
  • Quality Control from Original Coil Paper to Final Paper
  • Ability to print high density Traces
  • Shape for guiding holes (driving holes)
  •  Packing: strip charts, roll and fanfold, are shipped in individual packaging to maximize shelf life
  • Energy saving
  • Resource saving
  • Reduction of waste
  • Continuation of 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)
  • Innovation of environmentally friendly products

Kokusai chart is a group company of Yokogawa Electric Corp., one of the biggest Industrial Automation and control system manufacture in the world. Kokusai established in 1962 in order to manufacture best quality and reliable recording chart paper for Yokogawa industrial and laboratory recorders.

Quality Assurance Activities: ISO 9001 Certification

The data you record is important to you. At Kokusai Chart, we consider our chart papers a “precision part” of a recorder or data logger. These instruments, indifferent of original manufacturer, are designed and built for one single purpose: to accurately record measurements. We set rigid standards for all paper stock used in production. The grain structure, uniformity of thickness, and the very microscopic structure is constantly under scrutiny by our engineers. After the paper stock is accepted, the manufacturing process begins. The testing, however, never ends.


Kokusai Chart Paper Products

  • Z-Fold charts
  • Roll Charts
  • Circular Charts
  • Sheet Chart
  • Pens
  • Ink Ribbons


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