Chromalox CMi HDPE Jacketed Mi Heat Trace Cable


  • Factory terminated heating sets
  • Great for snow melting or heat loss replacement
  • Assemblies rated for multiple voltages up to 600v
  • Corrosion-resistant copper jacketed cables
  • HDPE jacketing protects against abrasions and corrosives
  • Maximum exposure temperature 194°f (90°c)
  • 15′ standard cold lead length
  • 1/2″ cable gland size
  • Heater Voltages Up To 600 Vac
  • 8 to 24 w/ft output ratings
  • Lengths from 40 to 846 ft.



Chromalox copper-sheathed, mineral insulated heating cables are covered with an extruded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) jacket and are supplied as complete factory-assembled cables ready to connect to a junction box. The series-type technology, inherent to all mineral insulated heating cables, provides a reliable and consistent heat source that is ideal for embedded snow melting applications. The copper sheath provides an ideal ground path and allows for a rugged yet flexible heating cable that is easy to install.

The MI heating unit consists of the heating cable, the hot-cold joint, and the cold lead cables with an appropriate seal and gland. The connecting and sealing of an MI heating unit is critical for safe and reliable operation. The insulation of the inner heating conductor is embedded in magnesium oxide, a non-aging, and non-combustible material. A wide range of resistances ensures the termination of a multitude of heating cable lengths with various outputs and nominal voltages. We offer both single-core and dual-core resistance wires as well as a seamless outer jacket made from Copper + HDPE.

WARNING — A ground fault protection device is required by NEC to minimize the danger of fire if the heating cable is damaged or improperly installed. A minimum trip level of 30 mA is recommended to minimize nuisance tripping.


Max. Exposure Temp. (°F)  194
Max. W/Ft. 24
Max. Circuit Length (Ft.) 846
Voltages Up to 600
Hazardous Ratings No
Usable on Plastic Pipe No
Cut-to-Length in Field No
Field Splicable No
Can be Overlapped No
Output Varies with Temp. No
Varies Output Along Length No

MI Corrosion Selection Guide

Moisture Yes
Aqueous Solutions of Inorganic Compounds No
Liquids Organic Chemicals Acids or Bases Yes
Acids or Bases No

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