Chromalox CPR Commercial Self-regulating Heat Trace


  • Energy-efficient, self-regulating CPR uses less energy when less heat is required.
  • Easy to install, CPR can be cut to any length (up to max. circuit length) in the field.
  • Field splices can be performed easily in minutes with no scrap or wasted cold sections.
  • CPR can be overlapped without burnout, which simplifies heat tracing of in-line process equipment such as valves, elbows, and pumps.
  • Because CPR is self-regulating, over-temperature conditions are minimized.
  • Chromalox termination, splice, tee, and end seal kits reduce installation time.

Chromalox CPR Cable is a multi-purpose heating cable designed for commercial pipe tracing, roof & gutter deicing, embedded floor warming, and frost heave prevention. Chromalox’s CPR Cable is constructed of a self-regulating polymer core that varies its heat output based on sensed temperature along its entire length. It can be easily cut to length, spliced, tee-branched, and terminated to more easily follow piping networks. In addition to insulated surfaces, Chromalox’s CPR Heating Cable can be used on roofs and in gutters to prevent Ice Dams and provide a path for the meltwater to excavate the roof surface. Chromalox’s CPR Heating Cable can be placed in conduit and embedded in concrete to prevent frost heave or placed onto concrete slabs for supplemental comfort heat. Chromalox’s CPR cable can even be placed inside of conduit for applications making replacement of the heating cable possible. Chromalox’s CPR is truly a versatile heating cable solution.

  • Self-Regulating, Energy Efficient
  • Process Temperature Maintenance to 150˚F (65˚C) (Power On)
  • Max. Continuous Exposure Temp. 185°F (85˚C) (Power Off)
  • CPR Commercial Applications
  • Pipe Freeze Protection
  • Potable & Non-Potable Piping
  • Sanitary & Storm Piping
  • Fire Sprinkler Piping
  • Flow Maintenance
  • Greasy Waste Piping
  • Diesel Fuel Piping
  • Roof & Gutter De-icing
  • Freezer Frost Heave Prevention
  • Floor Warming
  • TPR or TPE Overjackets
  • Circuit Lengths, Up to 660 Ft.
  • 3, 5, 8, 10, and 15 W/Ft.
  • 120, 208 – 277 Volt From Stock
  • Approx. Size 0.47″W x 0.20″H
  • Minimum Bend Radius 1-1/8″
  • For Use on Metal Pipes, Plastic Pipes, Roofs, and Gutters


A. Twin Nickel Plated 16 AWG Copper Buss Wires — Provide high electrical current capability.

B. Semiconductive Polymer Core Matrix — its electrical resistance varies with temperature. As process temperature drops, the core’s heat output increases; conversely, as process temperature rises, the heat output decreases.

C. Polyolefin Jacket — Flame retardant, electrically insulates the matrix and buss wires. Also provides resistance to water and some inorganic chemical solutions.

D. Tinned Copper Braid — The braid covering the jacket provides additional mechanical protection in any environment and a positive ground path.

E. High-Temperature Fluoropolymer or TPR Over jacket — Corrosion-resistant, flame retardant over jacket is highly effective in many environments. TPR coatings protect against certain inorganic chemical solutions. Fluoropolymer coatings are used for exposure to organic or corrosive solutions. These coatings also protect against abrasion and impact damage.

WARNING — A ground fault protection device is required by NEC to minimize the danger of fire if the heating cable is damaged or improperly installed. A minimum trip level of 30mA is recommended to minimize nuisance tripping.


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