Chromalox CWM Constant Wattage Medium Temperature


  • Durable, non-aging fluoropolymer jacket ensures long service life and can be used in some hostile environments.
  • Flexible, easy to install on most equipment, and delivers long-term reliable performance.
  • Eliminates the need for oversized wiring or switchgear.
  • Accurate temperature, reliable electric heat that can be consistently controlled and easily monitored.
  • Safe and rugged.
  • Parallel circuitry allows cut-to-length.
  • High performance, rated to withstand up to 392°F saturated steam (190 psig) temperature (power off).
  • Low profile, uses standard size thermal insulation on piping and process equipment.

Chromalox CWM constant wattage heating cable is a proven, reliable solution for industrial process temperature maintenance and freeze protection. CWM features a parallel heating core that produces uniform thermal output over its entire length. Using a single power point, you can easily configure and install a heat tracing system as short as several feet or as long as 780 feet right in the field. With 392°F (200°C) fluoropolymer electrical insulation over-jacketing, CWM has outstanding electrical and thermal properties, and is well suited for most chemically hostile environments.

  • Uniform Thermal Output, Low Energy Cost
  • No Inrush at Any Ambient
  • Industrial/Process and Commercial/Construction Applications
  • Maximum Exposure Temperature, Power Off, 392°F (200°C)
  • Steam Cleanable on Process Equipment Up to 190 PSIG (Power Off)
  • 4, 8, and 12 W/Ft.
  • 120, 208 – 277 and 480 Volt From Stock
  • Approximate Size .30″W x .25″H
  • Minimum Bend Radius 1-1/4″
  • For Use on Metallic Pipes
  • Consult Factory for Use on Plastic Pipes


A. Twin 12 AWG Copper Buss Wires — Provide reliable, consistent electrical current.

B. FEP Insulation Jacket — Electrically insulates buss wires.

C. Pairing Jacket — Secures two buss wires together and provides wrapping surface for Nichrome wire.

D. Nickel Chromium Wire — Heating component of the cable.

E. FEP Insulation — Rugged outer sheath protects heating cable, assures longer service life, and provides protection against environmental application hazards.

F. Tinned Copper Braid — Plated copper braid increases robust construction, provides ground path and provides additional protection in any location. Suffix “C” in model number.

G. FEP Overjacket — Fluoropolymer overjacket, over the braid, provides protection from most aqueous and chemically corrosive solutions. Suffix“T” in model number.



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