Vaisala GMW80 Series CO2, Humidity & Temperature Transmitter


  • Cost-efficient, affordable
  • Reliable and maintenance-free operation for up to 15 years
  • Superior stability due to 2nd generation proprietary CARBOCAP technology
  • Improved accuracy due to low self-heating of microglow light source
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • The internal reference in the CO2 sensor guarantees the best stability and operation even in buildings occupied 24/7
  • Ideal for demand-controlled ventilation

Dpstar is a leading supplier of environmental measurement sensors for temperature, relative humidity, pressure, dew point, CO2, and other environmental condition monitoring for industrial process application and research. Since the ’90s, we earned a reputation as a trusted partner to our clients through our commitment and dedication. We are an authorized distributor and supplier of measuring sensors solutions from renowned manufacturers Vaisala. Vaisala is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement. Building on 80 years of experience, Vaisala provides observations for a better world. Vaisala is a reliable partner for customers around the world, offering a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services.

Measuring CO2 is a cost-effective method to monitor indoor air quality and human presence using one sensor. Poor ventilation leads to high CO2 levels, making people feel sleepy and less productive. Maintaining good indoor air quality depends on how many people are present. Energy is saved by minimizing the use of unconditioned outside air. Instruments bought from 2021 onwards come with a 5-year warranty. For precise and consistent HVAC readings, the wall-mounted Vaisala CARBOCAP Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Transmitter Series Vaisala GMW80 offer unparalleled stability and reliability, lasting up to 15 years. These sensors are perfect for standard and demand-controlled ventilation systems. Vaisala GMW80 is ideal for buildings occupied 24/7. The CO2 measurement of Vaisala GMW80 series is based on a second-generation CARBOCAP sensor, which uses a novel, microglow light source instead of an incandescent light bulb for a longer trouble-free lifetime. The CO2 sensor’s internal reference ensures stable and reliable operation, even in consistently occupied buildings without needing frequent adjustments. CARBOCAP sensors provide accurate CO2 measurements right after being powered on, thanks to their built-in reference measurement. You can quickly verify proper operation by attaching the device cover.

The following product models are available:

  • GMW83RP
  • GMW83DRP
  • GMW83
  • GMW83A
  • GMW83D
  • GMW84
  • GMW84S
  • GMW87
  • GMW88


Key Benefits


Choose from eight transmitter options to measure CO2, temperature, and/or humidity, with or without a display or LED indicator or current outputs.


Vaisala GMW80 series transmitters include a number of subtle design features allowing for quick and easy installation and commissioning, which saves installation time and money. They are ready for use immediately – the transmitters will show correct CO2 readings right after installation without any adjustment period.

Easy installation

Vaisala GMW80 series transmitters are equipped with several design features to simplify installation and commissioning, saving time and reducing costs. The pull-out tab facilitates faster opening of the transmitter and doubles as a quality check slip and holder for the anti-tamper screw. Twist-on backplates and clearly marked wiring make installation straightforward, and electronics can be added later during system commissioning. For challenging conditions, Vaisala GMW87 and GMW88 models offer an IP64-rated enclosure with a cable gland.

Reliable operation

Vaisala GMW80 series transmitters are optimized for low maintenance. The unique, low-power CARBOCAP technology enables a longer lifetime and better stability than ever before. As the power consumption is low, the heat generated by the electronics does not distort the temperature inside the sensor. The internal reference in the CO2 sensor guarantees superior stability and flawless operation even in constantly occupied buildings, without the need for frequent readjustments. The reliable operation and accurate measurement values of Vaisala GMW80 series transmitters contribute to the significant cost savings brought by demand-controlled ventilation.


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