Compact Comprehensive Refrigeration Controller – Lae Electronic BR5 Series


  • Up to 5 configurable outputs for a perfect adaptation to the specific needs such as: control of variable speed compressors (example 2) or fans (example 1), drive of a large external compressor relay (example 3), control of lights, ON/OFF fans, heaters, switched loads, defrost, alarms, second evaporator
  • With or without RTC for timed control functions
  • Suitable for R290 compressors
  • Universal mains power supply
  • Connectivity to residential supervisory systems or Cloud
  • Several display colour options: amber, blue, green, red or white


Upright refrigerators, plug-in and supermarket display cases, refrigerated vehicles, cold stores, control panels.


Range -50÷110°C, -58÷180°F
Resolution 0.1 / 1°C; °F
Precision <±0.5°C within the measurement range
Sensor type NTC 10KΩ@25°C
Relay output max loads (240Vac):
OUT1 12A resistive 3.5 FLA; 21 LRA
OUT2 7A resistive 1 FLA; 4 LRA
OUT3 7A resistive 1 FLA; 4 LRA
OUT4 7A resistive 1 FLA; 4 LRA
OUT5 SELV 90mA@12Vdc
Power supply 100÷240Vac ±10% 50÷60Hz 3W
Ambient temperature -10÷50°C
Real Time Clock battery >10 years


Lae Electronic BR5 Series Compact Comprehensive Refrigeration Controller-DpstarGroup