Vaisala SHM40 Concrete Moisture Measurement Kit


  • Truly interchangeable measurement probes.
  • Accurate measurement data in numeric, statistic, or graph views.
  • Conforms to ASTM standard F2170.
  • IP65-rated measurement probe and case.
  • HM40 indicator with adapter.
  • 1 pc HMP40S RH&T probe with cable.
  • 12 pcs plastic tubes.
  • 12 pcs rubber plugs.
  • 3 pcs protective covers with lid.
  • Traceable calibration certificate.
  • Weather-proof carrying case with shoulder strap.

Dpstar is a leading supplier of environmental measurement sensors for temperature, relative humidity, pressure, dew point, CO2, and other environmental condition monitoring for industrial process application and research. Since the ’90s, we earned a reputation as a trusted partner to our clients through our commitment and dedication. We are an authorized distributor and supplier of measuring sensors solutions from renowned manufacturers Vaisala. Vaisala is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement. Building on 80 years of experience, Vaisala provides observations for a better world. Vaisala is a reliable partner for customers around the world, offering a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services.

Vaisala SHM40 provides a simple and dependable way to measure humidity in structures like concrete. It uses the borehole method, where a humidity probe is left in the hole until readings stabilize, helping prevent mold and volatile organic compounds.


SHM40 Structural Humidity Measurement Kit

Measuring Humidity Under The Surface

Concrete often dries unevenly, with the surface drying faster than underneath. To get accurate readings, we use the borehole method. A humidity probe is placed in the borehole until the humidity levels stabilize, providing a clear picture of conditions beneath the surface.

Borehole Humidity Measurement

The HUMICAP Structural Humidity Measurement Kit SHM40 is perfect for the borehole method. It includes an HMP40S probe, HM40 indicator, and accessories in a weather-proof case. Ideal for tough construction sites. Additional accessories allow moisture measurement in fresh concrete without drilling, reducing risks.

Easy Measurement With Multiple Hmp40s Probes & Quick Connectors

HMP40S measurement probes are interchangeable. The probes connect easily to the HM40 indicator with a snap-on connector enabling convenient use of multiple probes with one indicator. The measurement data can be displayed in numeric, statistic, or graph views.


HMP40S Probe Measurement Performance
Relative Humidity
Measurement range 0 … 100 %RH
Accuracy (incl. non-linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability) over temperature range 0 … +40 °C 0 … 90 %RH: ±1.5 %RH
90 … 100 %RH: ±2.5 %RH
−40 … 0 °C and +40 … +80 °C 0 … 90 %RH: ±3.0 %RH
90 … 100 %RH: ±4.0 %RH
Factory calibration uncertainty at +20 °C 0 … 90 %RH ±1.1 %RH
90 … 100 %RH ±1.8 %RH
Humidity sensor HUMICAP 180R
Stability ±2 %RH over 2 years
Measurement range −40 … +80 °C
Accuracy over temperature range 0 … +40 °C ±0.2 °C
−40 … 0 °C, +40 … +80 °C ±0.4 °C
Temperature sensor Pt1000 RTD Class F0.1 IEC 60751
HMP40S Probe Mechanical Specifications
Probe weight with standard cable  31 g
Probe housing material Stainless steel
Probe filter and sensor protection Membrane filter with chrome coated ABS plastic
Cable material Wire PVC / Jacket PU
Cable connector TRRS male 3.5 mm
Probe housing IP rating IP65
Borehole diameter needed 16 mm
Measurement depth with standard accessories Min. 30 mm, max. 90 mm
Operating Environment
Operating temperature range for probe −40 … +80 °C
Operating temperature range for indicator −10 … +60 °C
Storage temperature range −30 … +70 °C
HM40 Indicator Mechanical Specifications
Weight Indicator with adapter 240 g
SHM40 case with standard content  3.7 kg
Indicator materials PC/ABS blend, acrylic display lens
Indicator adapter materials Nickel plated brass and plastic overmolding
Indicator housing IP rating IP54
Mechanical drop endurance 1.0 m without the probe
HM40 Indicator General Specifications
Power-up time < 3 s
Alkaline batteries 2 × AA size, 1.5V (LR6)
Operation time (alkaline batteries) Typical 100 hours (without backlight)
Calculated variables Td, Tw, a, x, h
Menu languages English, German, French, Finnish, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese (simplified), Russian, Japanese
Display LCD (140 × 160 pixels)
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) EN 61326-1, Portable equipment
Spare Parts & Accessories
HM40 indicator with adapter and cable probe HM40S
RH&T probe with cable HMP40S
HM40 indicator with adapter HM40SIND
Quick connection adapter HM40SADAPTER
Cable for RH&T probe HMP40SCABLE
Long cable (2.7 m) for RH&T probe HMP40SCABLE2
Plastic tube set (12 pcs) 19266HM
Long (200 mm) plastic tube set (12 pcs) 245789
Rubber plugs (12 pcs) 233976
Protective cover with lid (3 pcs) 19268HM
Weather-proof carrying case for SHM40 kit CASEFORSHM40SP
USB recharger for HM40 indicator batteries 229249SP
Plastic grid with membrane filter for HMP40S probe DRW010525SP
Accessories for Wet Concrete Plastic flange set (12 pcs) 26529HM
Long rubber plug for wet concrete (12 pcs) 26530HM


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