Copper Instrumentation Cable | PVC Nylon Insulated – TEW&C UPN/ALPTWK


– UL Listed Subject 1277 TC
– Rated 90C 600 Volt
– Flame Retardant
– Primaries type TFN and THHN
– Passes IEEE 383 Flame Test
– Sunlight Resistant
– Direct Burial


Overall Shield

The 600 V Instrumentation Cables are listed as Type TC per UL 1277. These cables are suitable for installations as outlined in NEC 725 and can be used in Accordance with NEC 340. These cables may be installed in wet or dry locations; in cable trays, raceways and pen air; and are suitable for exposure to weather, direct burial and for Class I, Div. 2.

Conductors are insulated with color-coded PVC and coated with clear Nylon, then twisted with a tin/copper drain wire. Next, an Aluminum Mylar tape is wrapped around the wires, followed by a final layer of overall PVC jacket. The cable is UL listed Subject 1277 (TC) 600V applications.


  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Utilities and Industrial Plants
  • Power and Control Circuits
  • For use in NEC article 501 Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous Locations
  • For use in Accordance with NEC 340
  • Complies with NEC 725 for use in Class 1 Control Circuits

Available Options

  • CPE and TPE Constructions are also available


Conductors Solid or stranded, bare or tinned copper (Thermocouple Conductors are also available)
Insulation Nominal .016″ (.40mm) flame retardant PVC
Insulation Jacket Nominal .0045″ (.11mm) clear nylon
Color Code per customer request, pair or triads numbered
Construction Twisted pairs or triads
Communication Wire (Optional) 18 AWG (.61mm) 7-strand copper insulated with nominal .016″ (.40mm) orange PVC/ .0044″ (.11mm) clear nylon ( used in constructions 4 pair/triad and larger)
Cable Shield 002″(.05mm) aluminum/polyester tape, 25% overlap
Cable Drain Wire 7-strand tinned copper, 2 AWG sizes smaller than conductor
Outer Jacket Flame retardant extruded PVC with nylon ripcord under jacket
Operating Temperature -15F (-26C) to +194F (+90C) continuous


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