Coriolis Mass Flow Meter – Vetrix CM Series


  • Material pipeline: SS316L; Hastelloy HC
  • Flow rate measurement accuracy: 0.2%; 0.1%; optional
  • Density measurement accuracy: 0.002g/cm3; 0.001g/cm3; optional
  • Repeatability: 0.10% Flow Rate ±[1/2 (zero point stability/ flow rate)* 100] % flow rate
  • Signal output: 4-20mA, Pulse and Modbus RS485

CM Series Coriolis Mass Flow Meter directly measures the “Mass” of the medium with high accuracy based on the Coriolis Principle (Coriolis Force). The accuracy would not be affected by any factors like the temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, etc. The compensation calculation is not required. The Coriolis Mass Flow Meter consists of two parts; the sensor and the transmitter. The Coriolis Mass Flow Meter is designed and produced based on the national standard of explosion-proof standards. The Explosion-proof standard is Exd ib li Ct5 Gb.

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter could directly measure the “mass” of the liquid. The accuracy is the highest among all types of flow meter, saying, 0.1~0.2%. The range of application is very large, and it could be used for the medium that difficult to be measured, like, high temperature, high pressure, high viscosity, double phases, triple phases. The requirements for the installation are low, the straight pipe requirement in front of and behind the Coriolis Mass FLow Meters are low. They are more reliable, stable, and maintenance level is low.


Application Suitable for liquid, gas, liquid-solid, liquid-gas mass measurement or volume measurement
Material of Pipeline SS316L/Hastelloy HC
Pressure Refer to chart shown above
Special orders would be placed for high pressure
Medium -50℃~150℃
Environment Temperature Sensor: -40℃~150℃
Transmitter: -20℃~70℃
Flow Rate Measurement Accuracy 0.2%; 0.1% optional
Density Measurement Accuracy 0.002g/cm3; 0.001g/cm3 optional
Repeatability 0.10% Flow Rate± [1/2(Zero Point Stability/Flow Rate)*100]% Flow rate
Output Signal 4~20mA Load Resistance<500Ω (Instantaneous or Density optional)
0~10 kHz Instantaneous Flow Rate pulse signal;
Standard RS485 Communication
Explosion-proof Symbol Ex d ib II CT5 Gb

Flow Range

V Type

Specification DN (mm) Liquid Flow Range (kg/h) K – gas coefficient
CM-V-005 5 600 60
CM-V-015 15 6000 70
CM-V-025 25 18000 700-25
Note: gas flow range = liquid flow range x gas process density/K

U Type

Model DN (mm) Liquid Flow Range (kg/h) K – gas coefficient
CM-U-001N 1 20 60
CM-U-002N 2 60 60
CM-U-005N 5 300 70
CM-U-010N 10 1000 80
CM-U-015N 15 6000 90
CM-U-025N 25 10000 140
CM-U-040N 40 20000 140
CM-U-040H 40 30000 140
CM-U-050N 50 30000 140
CM-U-050H 50 60000 160
CM-U-080N 80 60000 160
CM-U-080H 80 180000 215
CM-U-100N 100 100000 200
CM-U-100H 100 280000 230
CM-U-150N 150 300000 230
CM-U-150H 150 640000 240
CM-U-200N 200 1100000 250
CM-U-250N 250 1800000 300
Note: gas flow range = liquid flow range x gas process density/K

Ordering Information

Model Stuffix Code Description
CM- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
Type V V Type
U U Type
Diameter XXX Stand for diameter
001:DN1; 010:DN10
Signal Output 1 4-20mA/0-10KHz
Communication 1 RS485
2 Hart
3 PF
4 FF
5 None
Pressure Rating 16 1.6Mpa
40 4.0Mpa
63 6.3Mpa
XX On request(10Mpa,16Mpa are for options)
Temperature Rating T1 -50…+150℃
T2 -50…+250℃
T3 -50…+350℃
T4 -200…+150℃
Wet Part Material S6 SS316
HC Hastelloy Alloy C
XX On request
Accuracy Rating 1 0.10% of rate
2 0.20% of rate
XX On request
Connection AXX ANSI Flange;A15:ANSI 150#;A30:ANSI 300#…
DXX DIN Flange;D16:DIN PN16;DN25:DIN PN25…
JXX JIS Flange;J10K:JIS 10K;J20K:JIS 20K…
TRC Tri-clamp type(Sanitary connection)
THR Thread connection
Body Material S4 SS304
S6 SS316
Structure S Compact type with local display
L Remote display include bracket
Power Supply 0 24V DC
1 220V AC


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