Crankcase Heater For Refrigeration Compressors – Flexelec FCH


  • Quick, safe, and easy to fit.
  • Sealed, silicon-insulated heating element.
  • Metal earthing braid.
  • 230 V as standard.
  • UL Recognized belts on request.

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Crankcase Heaters, Heating Belts 

FLEXBELT crankcase heaters are designed for quick, easy, and safe use. This heater could be fitted on a round or elliptical refrigerated compressor unit. Crankcase heaters are used in the refrigeration industry and cold refrigerated systems.

FCH crankcase is fitted to refrigerating compressors to prevent the coolant from being absorbed by the oil. The lower the temperature, the quicker and the more complete the absorption, which can seriously damage the compressor, especially when starting up, through lack of lubrication. To ensure that these heating belts enjoy a long service life, we recommend using a control device.


  • Quick, safe, and easy to fit.
  • Sealed silicon insulated heating element.
  • Metal braid for earthing.
  • Voltage 230 V as standard.
  • Special production on request.
  • Ingress protection code: IP54


  • Separate the coolant from oil in a compressor with a crankcase heater.
  • Protect fluids against ice on refrigerated systems with heating cables.


Model FCH
Heating wire Nickel-Copper or Nickel-Chrome
Heating element
Silicon elastomer
Length of
power cable
1 m
Insulation resistance 100 MΩ min., 2500 V
Tolerance Power ± 10%

Standard models

Model FCH-10 FCH-20  FCH-30  FCH-40  FCH-50  FCH-60
Power (W) 35 40 45 55 65 75
Min. clamping Ø (mm) 120 140 150 180 220 245
Max. clamping Ø (mm) 175 175 280 280 320 370


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