Diaphragm Seal – Tecsis P3005 / P3006


  • Process connection: flange to DIN 2 501 or flange to ANSI B 16.5
  • Overload protection by diaphragm bed
  • Diaphragms in special materials metallically bonded
  • Special materials for extreme service requirements
  • For media up to 400 °C
  • Mountable on instrumentation and control equipment

Media with high temperature, high viscosity (media in paste form) or with propensity to crystallize, can falsify the pressure measurements. In this case chemical seals are used. Chemical seals have a diaphragm, that hermetically seals the medium from measuring instrument. The chemical seals of type “Compact” are especially suitable for general process engineering applications. The flanges of the diaphragm type chemical seal “Compact” match the dimensions of standardized flanges. The diaphragm is either internal or flush at the front, depending on the design.

  • For ≤ DN 25 and 1″: open flange with internal diaphragm
  • For ≥ DN 40 and 1½”: flush diaphragm at the front

As standard stainless steel is used for the wetted parts of these chemical seals. By using a Bourdon tube pressure gauge or a transducer, they can be used for pressure measurements from 0…25 bar to 0…250 bar. For particular service conditions the wetted parts be manufactured in special materials. When the permissible rated pressure is exceeded, a specially designed diaphragm prevents damage to the chemical seal.


  • Plant and apparatus construction
  • Process engineering
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries


Pressure ranges   0 … 25 mbar to 0 … 250 bar
Rated pressure max.  PN 250


Tecsis P3005/P3006 – Diaphragm Seal-DpstarGroup