Diaphragm Seal – Tecsis P3010 / P3018


  • Various process connections
  • Quick coupling
  • Flush diaphragm at the front
  • Foodstuffs compatible filling liquids
  • Special materials for extreme service requirements

The chemical seals with quick coupling P3010-P3018 are used for pressure measurements that can be falsified due to high temperature, high viscosity (media in paste form) or the propensity to crystallize of the medium. The diaphragm of the chemical seal hermetically seals the medium from the measuring instrument. The liquid that is used for the transmission to the measuring instrument is food compatible. In connection with a Bourdon tube pressure gauge or a transducer, they are suitable for pressure ranges from 0…0.6 bar to 0…40 bar.

Hygiene regulations, such as those in the pharmaceuticals or food and beverages industries, which require cleaning of measuring point so as to leave no residue and thus ensure a sterile process sequence, can be fulfilled by the use of a chemical seal in “Quick coupling” design. The design ensures that the process connection can be easily and rapidly released and the pressure chamber easily cleaned.


  • Pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries
  • Plant and apparatus construction
  • Process engineering


Pressure ranges 0 … 0.6 bar to 0 … 40 bar
Rated pressure max. PN 40


Tecsis P3010/P3018 – Diaphragm Seal-DpstarGroup