Diaphragm Seal – Tecsis P3024


  • For medium temperature up to 400 °C
  • Overflow protection by diaphragm shape
  • With or without vibration dampening
  • Spezial materials for specialized requirements
  • Adaptable to MSR-devices
  • Process connection: DN48

The Diaphragm type chemical seal P3024 is used for paper machinery (cellulose industry). The necessity of chemical seals is given, when measuring errors can occur due to a high viscosity (pastry) or crystalline growth in the measured media.

Chemical seals submit the process pressure to the pressure gauge. The measured media and the pressure gauge are hermetically separated by the diaphragm of the chemical seal. Different types of process connections make diaphragm type chemical seals to the specialized solution for the requirements of paper machinery and cellulose industry.

The wetted parts of these chemical seals are made of stainless steel. In connection with a Bourdon type pressure gauge they are made for the measuring range between 0…0.6 bar up to 0…40 bar. For specialized requirements other materials for wetted parts are available. In case of overflow of maximum nominal pressure a specially shaped diaphragm design prevents damage from the chemical seal diaphragm.


  • Paper and cellulose industry
  • Process technology
  • Chemical industry


Pressure ranges  0 … 0,6 bar up to 0 … 40 bar
Nominal pressure  PN 25 or.( PN 40 )


Tecsis P3024 – Diaphragm Seal-DpstarGroup