Shimaden AR18 Series – Digital Controller


AR18 Series is a controller with simple operation in which you can select the control system from 1-setting/2-position system, 2-setting/2-position system, or 3-position system. Can select between display and no-display. Can drive with the rated current of contact output, 5 A (resistive load). Can select alarm output (optional). Can select analog output (optional). Dustproof and drip-proof structure suitable for IP66.


Shimaden AR18 Series offers a digital controller featuring straightforward operation. Users can easily choose between different control systems: a 1-setting/2-position system, a 2-setting/2-position system, or a 3-position system. It provides the option to have a display or operate without one. With a rated current capacity of 5A for contact output (for resistive loads), it offers reliable performance. Users also have the flexibility to opt for additional features such as alarm output and analog output if needed. Moreover, its dustproof and drip-proof design make it suitable for environments requiring IP66 protection.