Digital Controller – Shimaden SRS0 Series (SRS1/SRS3/SRS4/SRS5)


  • Multi-input and multi-range performance
  • Small instrument depths (62 mm–65 mm) save space, thus securing a larger installation area.
  • Large 13.8 mm bright display (SRS1 & SRS4), 21.8 mm (SRS3) & 22mm (SRS5)
  • 1 Pattern, 10 step program function available (option)

Multi-input and multi-range performance. Small instrument depths (62 mm5 mm) save space, thus securing a larger installation area. A wide selection of additional functions (optional) is available to suit various needs. Possible to switch off SV/PV value by key operation. Parameter mask (non-display) / lock (key lock) function.


Ordering Information

SERIES SRS1 – DIN 48×48 Digital Controller
SRS3 – DIN 96×96 Digital Controller
SRS4 – DIN 96×48 Digital Controller
SRS5 – DIN 48×96 Digital Controller
CONTROL OUTPUT Y – Contact: 1a, Contact capacity: 240 V AC 2A/resistive load Proportional cycle: 1–120 sec.
I – Current: 4–20 mA DC
Load resistance: 600 Ω max. (OPTION)
P – SSR drive voltage: 12 V±1.5 V DC/20mA max.
Proportional cycle: 1–120 sec.
V – Voltage: 0–10 V DC
Load current: 2 mA max.
N None
P 1 patterns, 10 steps
EVENT OUTPUT 1 Contact: 2 points x 1a, 240 V AC, 1 A: Resistive load (common)
REMARKS 0 Without
6 Voltage input (V)
9 With (Please consult before ordering.)


Model  Parts No. Remarks
SRS1 QCR001 One touch mounting
SRS3 QCR006 One touch mounting
SRS4 QCR006 One touch mounting
SRS5 QCR006 One touch mounting


Shimaden SRS0 Series (SRS1/SRS3/SRS4/SRS5) – Digital Controller-DpstarGroup


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