Digital Display Temperature Sensor – Maltec-T


  • RTD input
  • Battery powered LCD display
  • IP65 enclosure

The battery powered indicator accepts an RTD input and indicates the temperature on 4-digit LCD display.

  • RTD input
  • Battery powered LCD display
  • IP65 enclosure


Type of Sensing Element Measuring Range
PT100 -40°C ~ 500°C Class B (-40~500°C) Permissible deviation ± (0.30+0.005 |t|)
-20°C ~ 400°C Class A (-20~400°C) Permissible deviation ± (0.15+0.002 |t|)
Input PT100 (3 Wire)
Accuracy / Stability ±0.2% of reading (plus, sensor error)
Display 4-digit LCD display in °C (Range: -99.9 ~ 999.9), Resolution: 0.1
Operating temperature -10°C to 50°C
Big battery indicator on the status bar
Protection IP65
Battery 2 X AAA Battery
Battery Life 6 months minimum


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