Digital Pressure Gauges with Display – Tecsis E3922


  • Option: Alarm functions (integrated horn)
  • Option: Data-logger functions
  • Option: Peak value memory (MIN and MAX) and  actual value memory (HOLD)
  • Differential pressure (including positive and negative gauge pressure)
  • Tara-function
  • Selectable units
  • Low weight
  • Independent of stationary power supply (battery)
  • High accuracy
  • 2 digital 4-digit LCD displays
  • With integrated pressure sensor
  • With microprocessor

The hand-held pressure measuring instrument “Manoport” is a handy digital indicator for gas and air pressure measurements. It is equipped with an integrated differential pressure sensor which can be obtained for four different pressure ranges between 140 mbar and 2000 mbar. To measure positive or negative gauge pressure leave the second line open to atmospheric pressure.

To indicate variable pressure signals the instrument provides a measured value memory (HOLD) and a peak value memory (MIN and MAX). The filter mode allows to stable the reading. The accuracy can be increased by adjusting the zero value. The reading can be displayed in a great variety of different units. The instrument provides an over reading indication, reports over range pressure as well as low battery.

The built-in battery ensures independence from a stationary power supply and avoids any injury risk by mains voltage. As an option, include a rechargeable battery and a charger. For long-term measurement, the device can be connected to a power supply. The hand-held pressure measuring instrument has a robust water protected case and can be used in nearly any environment.


  • Service and repair
  • Process- and gas pressure measurement
  • Inspect of filters in air conditioning
  • Laboratories and dust-free room


Accuracy class 0.2% +/- 1 digit
Measuring ranges -1 … 0 …     25 mbar
-25 … 0 …     25 mbar
-10 … 0 …   350 mbar
-100 … 0 … 2000 mbar
0 … 1300 mbar abs.


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