Displays – Aplisens WW-11N Type and WW-45 Series


monitors of double circuit line without auxiliary power system


The WW-45 digital indicator is designed to be used with any device with a 4…20 mA output signal and has a standard DIN EN 175301-803 connector on its output terminal. The indicator is typically used to give an additional local reading when carrying out remote measurement of absolute or relative pressures. The WW-45 has a configurable range of readings from -999 to 9999; the position of the decimal point is also configurable. It has a red LED display with 7.62 mm high figures. The indicator does not require an external power supply. It is fitted with a configurable open collector (OC) two-state output.

The WW-11N display can be used with any device having the output signal of 4…20 mA. The WW-11N has a configurable display range from –999 to 9999. Either linear or radical characteristic may be selected as well as display filtering level and rounding of the reading number. The measurement result is displayed on four-digit display LED (red), with figuring 13 mm high. The casing with a degree of protection IP-65 makes the display possible to be operated under difficult environmental conditions. No external power source is required.


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