Distributor (2-Wire Transmitter), Isolation Type – Shimaden CP2CS Series


This is an isolation type DC-DC converter with a built-in DC power supply for a 2-wire transmitter. Isolation for input/output is provided as standard feature. 6 toxic substances, which are subject to RoHS regulations, are contained. However, the amount of toxic substances contained does not exceed standardized values.


Input 4–20mA DC
Receiving Resistance 62.5 Ω
Input Signal DC Voltage or Current (Refer to “Ordering Information”.)
Isolation Insulation between inputs and outputs
Conversion Output ±0.3% of input range (at 23 °C)
Influence of ambient temperature ±0.2% FS for temperature change of 10 °C
Response Time 200 msec. (0–90%)
Repeatability ±0.1% of input range
Power Supply for Transmitter Power Supply Voltage = 24V DC ±1V
Current Capacity = 22mA max.

Ordering Information

SERIES CP2CS- Distributor (2-Wire Transmitter), Isolation Type
CONVERSION OUTPUT 5 1–5V DC / FS Max. Current: 2mA
6 4–20mA DC / FS Load Resistance: 600Ω Max.
9 Others (Please consult before ordering.)
POWER SUPPLY 13- 100–110V AC±10% 50/60Hz
14- 110–120V AC±10% 50/60Hz
15- 200–220V AC±10% 50/60Hz
16- 220–240V AC±10% 50/60Hz
99- Others (Please consult before ordering.)
REMARKS 0 Without
9 With (Please consult before ordering.)