Dpstar’s Control Panel & System Solutions


  • Safety relay button to ensure safe shut down and the ability to enable systems remotely
  • Digital indicating electronic temperature controller Circuit breaker with mechanism
  • Control transformer with fused primary lines and fused/grounded secondary lines
  • “Zero Fire” type SCR assembly with external cooling, three pole safety magnetic contactor(s)
  • Electronic over-temperature controller
  • Fast-acting fuses for circuit protection
  • Terminal strips for customer connections



Dpstar provides customized control panel & system solutions for factories and plants, integrating various equipment across different production lines. This helps to improve manufacturing efficiency and saves time & resources. Our project experience covers a wide range of industrial sectors, including the automotive, electrical & electronics, machine tooling, metal processing, and medical device industries. With the help of our experienced team of engineers and technicians, Dpstar is able to develop tailor-made systems that meet specific customer requirements.

Dpstar Group has been providing high-quality commercial electrical work at competitive prices. We use quality components and carry out our work with high levels of professionalism. We manufacture and supply electric heater control panel/systems, temperature control panel/system, and also offer expert electrical services to customers across. Our electric heater control panel & system and temperature control panel system are specifically selected and designed to fulfill the control requirements of most process heating applications. We offer a wide range of standard panel/systems enclosures to fit a wide variety of electric heat control needs.

Design and Specification

Dpstar’s electric & temperature control panel are installed on to the gadget to examine and administer the temperature of the fluid. The typical set design includes internal wiring, switches, and various fuses along with heat-sensing mechanisms like thermocouples, as well as RTD. A standard control panel is ideal for heaters with a maximum watt density of 30 to 200 amperes. However, upon request, Dpstar can custom-design a controller for heaters that range above 200 amperes.


  • Basic control is for heaters that use a thermostat, limit controlling mechanism, timers, and additional components.
  • Advance control is best for various heater types both within an industry and outside. Suitable with various electrical installations.
  • Contactor stages are for multi-stage heaters that serve to heat various types of content like water, oil, chemical, gas, or any other.
  • Base Load SCR is for contactor stages as a step-controlling device. Another name for it is solid-state power control.



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