Dual Channel WiFi Vaccine Monitoring Kit – Lascar EL-WiFi-VAC2


  • Dual channel WiFi datalogger with two external thermistor probe-sin glycol bottles to mimic vaccines
  • Temperature measurement range -40 to +60°C (-40 to +140°F)
  • Wirelessly stream and view temperature data on the EasyLog Cloud, App or on a PC
  • Easy sensor set-up using free PC software application
  • Configurable high and low alarms with indicator
  • Sensor memory stores all data even if WiFi is temporarily disconnected
  • Calibration certificate supplied at 2 and 8°C

The EL-WiFi-VAC2 allows remote vaccine monitoring and data collection over a WiFi network, viewable from any internet enabled device including smartphone, tablet or PC using the EasyLog Cloud service. Set-up high and low alarms and receive instant email alerts when temperatures become too hot or cold in the fridge or freezer. The dual channel EL-WiFi-VAC2 can measure two areas at the same time – two areas of the same refrigerator, two refrigerators or perhaps a refrigerator and freezer at the same time.

The device will store data internally if it loses WiFi connection and automatically uploads it to the Cloud once reconnected. Use the EasyLog Cloud Apps for Android and Apple to easily setup your device and access your data anytime, anywhere. This product meets and exceeds CDC standards for vaccine monitoring.


The EL-WiFi-VAC2 is suitable for a wide variety of applications. These include:

  • Vaccine Storage
  • Blood & Blood Component Storage


Measurement Range -40 to +60°C / -40 to +140°F
Accuracy ±0.2°C / ±0.4°F
Logging Rate User selectable between 10 seconds and 12 hours
Battery Life 6 Months
Calibration Certificate Supplied at 2 and 8°C


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