Dual Input RTD Thermometer (Water Proof) – CENTER 372


  • IP67 water proof housing to work for almost all kinds of environments
  • PT temperature sensor for less environmental dependent reading
  • PT100 sensor with a value of 3850/3926/3916 RTD standard
  • Max/Min/Avg function
  • LCD back light
  • °C, °F scale selectable and 0.1°C, 0.1°F resolution
  • 3 sectors battery life indicator
  • Dual input channels

Dpstar Group is a leading supplier of handheld test instruments since the ’90s. We offer a wide range of industrial testing meters and environmental monitoring instruments. These include digital multimeter, clamp meters, insulation testers, thermocouple/infrared/RTD thermometers, sound level meters, light meters, and gas leakage detectors. Our goal is to continuously provide the customers not only with innovative, higher accuracy, and better quality products but also excellent customer services and supports.

The CENTER 372 has been specifically designed for the food and beverage industry. It comes complete with a spear tip probe, 125mm long, made easily skewering meat, poultry, bread, and cheeses.

The Center 372 handheld thermometer with dual RTD sensor is waterproof – rated IP67. The RTD sensor is a 4 wire PT100 which offers affordable accuracy. For temperature measuring where water is splashing around or room temperature changes all the time, CENTER 372 (two channels model) will provide a perfect solution for this kind of application. Its water-resistant housing provides better protection under harsh environments. The RTD sensor needs less compensation than normal thermal couple units. This makes it perfect for kitchen or food process applications.


Accurate & reliable & ideal for the food and beverage industry. Can be used in cold rooms without cold junction restriction of the thermocouple models. Thermocouple models can normally be used in environments from 0/40°C.


Measurement Range -100~300℃; -148~572℉
Measurement Accuracy ±0.1%rdg ±0.4℃
Resolution 0.1℃ ; 0.1℉
Sampling Rate 2 time/sec.
Water Resistance IP67 (EN60529:1991)
Battery 1.5V, size AAA battery x 3
Dimensions 150 x 66 x 31 mm
Weight Approx. 175g
Sensor Type Platinum temperature-measurement resistor (PT100/4 line type)


Center 372 Dual Input RTD Thermometer (Water Proof) _DpstarGroup