Electric Heater Steam Boiler


  • Electric boiler shell either in stainless- or mild steel
  • For heating, district heating, and domestic hot water generation
  • Power-to-heat plants
  • With electrical flange heater or individual heating elements
  • Control panel with plant visualization, several interfaces with existing BMS (Building Management Systems)
  • design and manufacturing according to PED 2014/68/EC or ASME Sect. VIII Div. 1

Dpstar’s Electric Heater Steam Boiler are safe and versatile heat sources that produce low- or high-pressure steam or hot water for commercial and industrial processes and for comfort heating applications. Dpstar electric heater steam boilers can be used anywhere steam is required and electric power is available. Our Heating System Boilers are packaged units that operate from existing distribution voltages, making installation simple.

The compact electric heater steam boiler was designed to heat large water volumes in a constant controlled flow. The electric heater steam boiler is suited as consumers for mains stabilisation, as autonomous calorifiers without local emission sources, and as a means to secure the district heating supply.

Advantages of Our Electric Heater Steam Boiler

  • Economic and technical safety due to proven quality
  • No large conversion measures generally required due to compact design
  • Low investment costs, fast amortisation
  • High efficiency (>99%)
  • High availability (optional: additional reserved power)
  • Ad-hoc use due to short response times

Area of application

Heating of all kinds of liquids and gases for mounting and operation in explosive atmospheres. Below are the various industrial applications of steam boilers in our day-to-day life.

Electric Heater Steam Boilers Custom Engineering & Manufacturing

To avoid early damage of pipes, it’s better to purchase quality electric heater steam boilers, components and pipes for your applications. Understanding the design and function of your electric heater steam boiler is crucial to efficient and safe operation. When you have an issue with an electric heater steam boiler, it’s best to seek professional advice and follow proper protocols in both its operation and maintenance schedules.


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